The China Quarterly described China and Southeast Asia (Praeger,1975, revised edition, paperback-1979) as "The standard work on the subject." Foreign Affairs Quarterly called The Dragon And The Wild Goose  (Greenwood, 1987, revised edition, paperback-1990) "a very rich comparison of Indian and Chinese societies and cultures." China scholar Doak Barnett declared it “a tour de force.” Reviewers said The Rise And Fall of Totalitarianism (Paragon, 1993) was: "insightful and original" (Nick Platt President Asia Society), and "an intellectual roller coaster" (Harry Harding, George Washington University).  

The Times Literary Supplement (London) wrote that  The Generalissimo’s Son (Harvard University Press, 2000) was “superb...magnificently researched....a fascinating story.”  The Economist saw the follow-on biography, The Generalissimo, Chiang Kai-shek and the Sruggle for Modern China  (Harvard Press, 2009) as “enthralling,” Foreign Affairs concluded it would “reshape the historical debate over the failure of democracy and the rise of communism in twentieth-century China.” The Financial Times of London picked it as one of the best books of 2009. In January 2010 it won the Lionel Gelber Prize, which The Economist described as the most important world prize for English-language non-fiction.   

Writer, director, producer PBS documentary: Ubuntu, African and Afrikaner--broadcast on PBS stations throughout the U.S. in 2001 and in many repeats broadcasts.  Articles and “op eds” on world affairs in The Washington Post, LA Times, and The New York Times. Interviewee (VOA, BBC, PBS, CBS (Canada), & FOX) and speaker on China, Taiwan, Cuba, South Africa, and other issues.


Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Intelligence and Research; representative of the Secretary of State on all senior national intelligence committees.  Chief of Mission, US Interests Section Havana Cuba.  Diplomat-in-Residence, Carter Presidential Center. Director General’s Annual Award for best foreign service reporting (runner-up another year); two superior honor awards. Other awards and commendations for reporting and negotiations on: China, Taiwan, South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Cuba, and the Philippines. 

OTHER  FOREIGN SERVICE ASSIGNMENTS:   ASIAN AFFAIRS:   Director of Analysis for Asian & Pacific Affairs, Dept.of  State;  Political Counselor, US Embassy. Beijing;  White House NSC staff member for East Asia;  Officer-in-Charge, Chinese Affairs, Dept. of State;  chief, Chinese external affairs reporting, US Consulate Gen, Hong Kong; US Consul for Sarawak, Sabah, and Brunei;  analyst, Chinese external affairs, Intelligence & Research Bureau, Dept. of State;  2nd Secretary, US Embassy Taipei.   AFRICAN AFFAIRS:  Coordinator, Carter Center election monitoring projects in Zambia and Liberia (also in Guyana):  Acting Chief, US Liaison Office/Observer Team, Namibia;  Political Counselor, US Embassy, Pretoria/Cape Town;  3rd Secretary, US Embassy Accra, Ghana.   


Present:  Assc.in Research, Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies, Harvard.  Previous: BA, Vanderbilt; MA (Far Eastern Studies), Michigan; Una Chapman Cox Fnd.Sabbatical (Harvard U., travel/research in India); Guest faculty, Emory U. and Spelman College; Staff Assc., Ctr. for Chinese Studies, Michigan; Foreign Service Institute (Wash., DC and Taichung, Taiwan), two year Chinese language and area course.  


U.S. Naval Aviation Cadet; US Marine Corps Naval Aviator (fixed wing--carrier qualified--and helicopter), four years active duty, including in Japan with wife Betsy living in local neigborhoods in Kamakura and Zushi.


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