Other Works by Jay Taylor

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China and Southeast Asia
(Praeger,1975, revised edition, paperback-1979)

“The standard work on the subject.”

- The China Quarterly

The Dragon And The Wild Goose
(Greenwood, 1987, revised edition, paperback-1990)

“A very rich comparison of Indian and Chinese societies and cultures.”

-Foreign Affairs Quarterly


“A tour de force.”

- China scholar Doak Barnett

The Rise And Fall of Totalitarianism
(Paragon, 1993)

“Insightful and original”

- Nicholas Platt, President Asia Society

“An intellectual roller coaster.

- China Scholar Harry Harding

The Generalissimo’s Son
(Harvard University Press, 2000)

“Superb…magnificently researched….a fascinating story.”

- The Times Literary Supplement (London)

Ubuntu, African and Afrikaner
PBS documentary broadcast throughout the U.S. in 2001)
Included in Chicago’s National Documentary Museum.

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