Did you know … ?

When in 1927 Chiang, and then the Left KMT, purged the Chinese Communist Party (which was preparing its own purge), Joseph Stalin ordered it to launch insurrections across the country, and through Shanghai provided an initial contribution of US$300,000 and 15,000 guns. Such critical aid continued for the next ten years. In 1933-34, Stalin sent the large CCP force in Jiangxi province more than 4 million Mexican silver dollars, a popular hard currency in China at the time. When in October 1934 Mao rode out of the Jiangxi camp onto the Long March, like each of the 25,000 fighters of the First Red Army, he carried a blanket and three days supply of rice. The Communist troops survived on the fourth day and thereafter for the next 12 months and 3,000 miles because they carried with them trunks full of these Mexican silver dollars. They had so many trunks of silver they even buried some.

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