You landed in this article probably because you are curious to learn about Arduino and develop a couple of interesting projects using Arduino. Well, you are in the right place now. In this article, we help you to get started with the Arduino platform easy and fast. We have developed this article as a detailed guide which reviews different “starter kits” for beginners in Arduino. Before we get started with the reviews of “Arduino starter kits”, don’t you think it would be nice to know about a comprehensive course we have developed to learn Arduino?

Beginners course on Arduino with 12+ Projects

We have developed a comprehensive course on Arduino named “Arduino Course [Zero to Hero] – Learn By Doing Projects”. The course is published in partnership with Udemy – the worlds best online education platform. If you are looking to master Arduino and develop a couple really exciting projects using the Arduino platform, enrolling in this course would be the best decision you can make to achieve your dreams. So lets take a quick look at what all you will learn in this course.

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Our course “Arduino Course [Zero to Hero]” follows a complete learn by doing approach, where you will be learning each and every concept by doing a project. The course is designed with 12+ projects ranging from easy, medium, and advanced projects. The course begins by introducing basic concepts and simple led based projects, and then moves on to explain mid level concepts like sensor interfacing, sensor based projects and finally the course teaches you how to do advanced projects and IoT (Internet of Things) based projects using the Arduino platform.

You will do the following projects in this full video course:

  1. Automatic Hand Sanitizer/Soap Dispenser
  2. Automatic Light Control using LDR
  3. Generating Patterns with LED’s
  4. Smart Door Lock using Keypads (Digital Code Lock)
  5. Home Security System (Protect against Fire accident, Gas leakage,)
  6. Weather Monitoring System (Measure Temperature & Humidity)
  7. Home Automation using Smartphone & TV Remote Control
  8. Line Follower Robot (the basics to build robots)
  9. Obstacle Avoidance Robot (learn to build intelligence in robots)
  10. Mobile Phone controlled Robot Car (wireless controlled robots)
  11. Smart Irrigation System
  12. IoT based Weather Station (Display weather data on website/web application)
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Best Arduino Starter Kit

  1. Arduino Starter Kit from Arduino
  2. Elegoo Uno Project Super Starter Kit with Tutorial for Arduino
  3. Vilros Arduino Uno 3 Ultimate Starter Kit
  4. SunFounder Project Super Starter Kit for Arduino
  5. Osoyoo Ultimate Starter Kit for Arduino with Mega2560 and UNO R3 Board Projects
  6. Longruner Starter Kit for Arduino
  7. Kuman Arduino Complete Starter Kit
  8. Smraza Starter Kit for Arduino

For a beginner in the world of Arduino, we present some of the best Arduino starter kits which help you to get familiar with all the essential components required to build some basic circuits.The Arduino kits reviewed here are not only good for students but also for people who have very little knowledge in coding who are enthusiastic to learn more.

There are hundreds of Arduino starter pack combinations available online for you to choose and buy. We have compiled together 8 of them that are perfect for beginners. The review of each starter kit Arduino is provided with users’ view of the product, Arduino starter kit components, other contents of the kit, possible circuits that can be built with each kit, and a detailed buying guide to assist you throughout.  

To know more about Arduino Basics: Arduino For Beginners

Since each kit is different from the other, it is important to know all minute details about the product, and this, we have done for you!!

The Big List of Arduino Starter Kit

#1. Arduino Starter Kit from Arduino – Official English Kit with 170 Page Learning Book

Official Arduino Starter Kit
Official Arduino Starter Kit –  Buy from Amazon

The official Arduino starter kit from Arduino is by far the best & “Complete Arduino Starter Kit” for a beginner. With over 200 useful components and 50 additional electronic parts, the kit comes with a high quality microcontroller compatible with Arduino Uno R3. The whole kit is available at an economic price.

Inside the Arduino Uno Starter Kit Box from Arduino

Official Arduino Starter KitSpecificationQuantity
Arduino Projects Book15 Projects, 170 Pages1
Arduino UNOR31
USB Cable1
Breadboard400 Pins1
Wooden BaseEasy to assemble1
Battery Snap9 V1
Jumper WiresSolid Core70
Jumper WireStranded1
Potentiometers10 KOhm6
Push Buttons10
Temperature SensorTMP361
Tilt Sensor1
Alphanumeric LCD Display16x21
LED'sWhite - 1
RGB - 1
Red - 8
Green - 8
Yellow - 8
Blue - 3
Small DC Motor(6-9) Volts1
Servo MotorSmall in size1
Piezo Capsule1
H-Bridge Motor DriverL293D1
MOSFET TransistorIRF5202
Capacitor100nF - 5
100µF - 3
100pF - 5
Transparent GelsRed
Male Header Strip40 Pin
Resistors220Ohms - 20
560Ohms - 5
1KOhm - 5
4.7KOhms - 5
10KOhms - 10
1MOhm - 5
10MOhms - 5


The 170 page book comes with all the basics that you need to need to know about the subject, and is also fun to experiment on. The book contains the following projects.

  • GET TO KNOW YOUR TOOLS – Basics of all the components inside this kit is explained in detail.
  • SPACESHIP INTERFACE – A fancy way to learn the basics of blinking LED’s.
  • LOVE-O-METER – Interfacing Arduino & temperature sensor (TMP36) to check hand temperature.
  • COLOR MIXING LAMP – Using RGB LED and light sensors to change colors according to difference in light intensity.
  • MOOD CUE – Controlling a Servomotor using an Arduino & Potentiometer to rotate at different angles.
  • LIGHT THEREMIN – Using a photoresistor and a piezo buzzer to produce a tone according to the intensity of light received by the Arduino.
  • KEYBOARD INSTRUMENT – Producing different tones using switches and a piezo buzzer.
  • DIGITAL HOURGLASS – Using a Tilt switch and some LED’s to denote time.
  • MOTORIZED PINWHEEL – Spinning a motor with a transistor and battery.
  • ZOETROPE – Creating an illusion of motion with a group of still images using an H-bridge motor driver and a DC Motor.
  • CRYSTAL BALL – Using an LCD as a fortune teller. Creating random answers and displaying it on LCD.
  • KNOCK LOCK – Using a buzzer and a servomotor to open a lock after knocking 3 times.
  • TOUCHY-FEELY LAMP – Basically a “thief detector”. Using a metal piece for detection and a LED for warning.
  • TWEAK THE ARDUINO LOGO – Learning the basics of serial communication between Arduino Board and PC.
  • HACKING BUTTONS – Using an optocoupler to hack another device.

The Arduino Uno projects book that is provided along with this kit gives you an insight on the basics of programming, by explaining the codes of all the projects in the simplest way possible. 

For a starter, the book also provides info on the basic components provided along with the kit. The book also covers some basic theory on electronics and then runs into 15 pages of fun projects. All the projects are neatly presented with clear descriptions of the components needed, schematic, and the source code.

All the components available with the kit are not labelled. So, if you are a novice in electronics it may take some time and other resources to get acquainted with all the components. All the components are neatly packed in a box along with the 170 page book.

“The Arduino Uno R3 Starter Kit from Arduino is the best in its class and is a favorite guide for the novice.”

#2. Elegoo Uno Project Super Starter Kit with Tutorial for Arduino (EL-KIT-003)

Elegoo EL-KIT-003 UNO Project Super Starter Kit with Tutorial for Arduino
Elegoo Arduino Starter Kit – Buy from Amazon

The Arduino starter kit by Elegoo is extremely popular for the beginners in the world of Arduino. The kit has helped many starters to get a firm base on the idea of Arduino, and to move further to an advanced level. Though the Arduino board is a Chinese clone of the original one, it does keep up to the standards. The whole board is neatly soldered and clearly placed.

Inside the Elegoo UNO Super Starter Kit

ELEGOO UNO Starter KitSpecificationQuantity
Elegoo UNO R3Compatible with Arduino Uno1
LCD Module ( with pin header)
Breadboard Expansion Board1
Breadboard Power Supply Module1
Joystick Module1
IR Receiver1
Servo Motor SG901
Stepper Motor1
Stepper Motor Driver BoardULN20031
Ultrasonic Sensor1
Temperature and Humidity ModuleDHT111
9V Battery with DC1
Jumper Wire65
USB Cable1
Active Buzzer1
Passive Buzzer1
Relay5 Volt1
Tilt Switch1
Button (small) 5
7-segment Display1 Digit1
7-segment Display4 Digit1
LEDYellow - 5
Blue - 5
Green - 5
Red - 5
RGB - 1
NPN TransistorP2N22222
Shift RegisterIC 74HC5951
Resistor120 Pcs
Dupont WireFemale 2 Male10



The kit comes in a hard plastic box which can be used to store all the components and electronic parts in future. An instructional CD is available along with the kit which has a PDF file of 22 Arduino tutorials with fun projects.

The package comes with an Arduino Uno R3 board along with other useful components like a solder-less breadboard and a prototyping field board. The prototyping board is the most useful component in this package, mainly for two reasons:-

  • A prototyping board alone could cost half the price of the circuit, if bought separately.
  • The prototyping board can be fit on top of the Arduino board to make your circuit compact and easy to use.

The starter kit Arduino also comes with a stepper motor and a stepper motor driver. Such components not only helps you in building basic projects, but also in future while building advanced ones. A power supply module is alos available which helps you in supplying additional 5V and 3.3V input to various sensors.

The greatest advantage of the Elegoo Arduino beginner kit is that it is not only for beginners, but also for advanced users. Once you get to know the basics, y7ou can get into advanced projects like Robotics, Weather Monitoring, Motor Control and so on.

“Elegoo Arduino starter kit has it all, to make you a quick learner of Arduino through simple yet5 fun projects.”

#3. Vilros Arduino Uno 3 Ultimate Starter Kit

Vilros Ultimate Starter Pack
Vilros Ultimate Starter Pack – Buy from Amazon

The Vilros ultimate starter kit comes with the original Arduino Uno board and includes some basic components that will guide you as a beginner. The kit also includes a 72 page instruction manual, which contains some basic projects and an electronics tutorial on different components that comes with the kit. All the circuits are neatly labelled in the manual with warning labels for users to watch out for while designing various circuits.

Inside Vilros Arduino Uno Starter Kit

Vilros Arduino Uno Starter KitSpecification Quantity
Arduino UNOR31
HolderFor Arduino Board & Breadboard1
Bread Board1
Shift Register 74HC5951
NPN TransistorsP2N2222A2
DC Motor with wires1
Small Servo 1
Relay5 Volt1
Temperature SensorTMP361
USB Cable1
Jumper Wires65
LEDRed - 10
Yellow - 10
RGB - 1
Piezo Buzzer1
Buttons (Big Size)12mm2
Resistors330 Ohms - 45
10 KOhms - 45


 “The Vilros Ultimate Starter kit lays it all out and gives you all the components you will ever have to use as a starter.”


#4. SunFounder Project Super Starter Kit for Arduino (Uno, Mega and Nano)

SunFounder Project Super Starter Kit for Arduino
SunFounder Super Starter Kit for Arduino – Buy from Amazon

The Sunfounder Super Starter Arduino kit is ideal for people who are intermediately knowledge in Arduino and need sophisticated components for advanced Arduino projects. The one point to be noted is that the Arduino board is not included in this kit. You will have to buy the board separately to carry on with your Arduino projects.

Inside Sunfounder Arduino Starter Kit

SunFounder Project Super Starter KitSpecificationsQuantity
Project Box8 Compartments1
Booklet19 Projects1
LEDRed - 16
White - 2
Green - 2
Yellow - 2
RGB - 1
Header40 Pin
Timer IC5551
Optocoupler 4N352
Shift Resister 74HC595N2
H-Bridge Motor DriverL293D1
Rotary Encoder1
Push-Button Small5
Resistors220 Ohms - 8
1KOhm - 4
10KOhms - 4
1MOhms - 1
5.1MOhms - 1
Dot Matrix Display8X81
Character Display7-Segment2
DC Motor1
NPN TransistorS80502
PNP TransistorS85502
CapacitorCeramic10 NanoFarads - 4
100 NanoFarads - 4
Diode 4
USB Cable1
Jumper Wire Male to Male65
DuPont WireFemale to Male20
Passive Buzzer1


Apart from the components, the kit contains a tutorial CD and a small instruction guide book. Though the booklet is small and hard to read, it has a lot of basic experiments to get you started with Arduino. The kit contains a CDwhich included circuit, code, video & Fritzing. The addition of the computer application “Fritzing” is a bonus because it develops your skills to design circuits on PC before building and mounting circuits practically.

“If you are trying to move over from a beginner to an advanced Arduino user, the Sunfounder Arduino starter pack will be the right choice for you.”

 #5. Osoyoo Ultimate Starter Kit for Arduino with Mega2560 and UNO R3 Board Projects

Osoyoo 2017 Complete Ultimate Starter Kit for ArduinoOsoyoo 2017 Complete Ultimate Starter Kit for Arduino
Osoyoo Ultimate Starter Kit for Arduino – Buy from Amazon

The Osoyoo Arduino Starter Kit is a Chinese product and is pretty much worth for its low price. The kit offers an Arduino Uno R3 compatible board along with a Mega2560 compatible board. Buying both these boards separately itself will cost almost the kit price. The kit comes with electronic components that are more than enough to carry out your basic projects. The kit comes with a tutorial for 21 projects, where each project is explained in detail with circuit diagram, source codes and step-by-step procedures.

Inside the Osoyoo Ultimate Starter Kit

Osoyoo Arduino Starter KitSpecificationQuantity
Osoyoo Arduino BoardUNO R3 & Mega 2560 Board1 Each
USB Cable1
Solderless Prototype Breadboard1
Jumper Wires1
LEDBright White
6 Each
Temperature SensorTMP361
Tilt Sensor1
LCD16x2 (I2C Type)1
Shift Register74HC5951
7 Segment LED Display4 Digit1
7 Segment LED Display1 Digit1
Stepper Motor & Bridge1
Servo Motor 1
Piezo Buzzer1
Infrared Remote Controller and Receiver1
Resistor200 Ohms - 20
1 KOhms - 20
10 KiloOhms - 20
1 MOhm - 5


Another spotlight is the LCD module. Unlike other starter kits, the Osoyoo starter kit provides a 16X2 LCD module that is of I2C type. Projects with the use of the LCD module will help you know more about I2C communication.

The tutorials available are:-

“The Osoyoo ultimate starter kit is economic, with abundant components, and a good tutorial.”

#6. Longruner Starter Kit for Arduino

Longruner Upgrade RFID Master Starter Kit for Arduino with Tutorials
Longruner Starter Kit for Arduino – Buy from Amazon

The Longruner Arduino starter pack comes with an Arduino Uno R3 board and is well known to be an RFID starter kit. It includes the basic RFID components like the RC522 module, the RFID proximity ID round tag and the RFID proximity ID card tag. All RFID based projects using Arduino can be experimented and learned at affordable costs.

Inside the Longruner Starter Kit

Longruner Arduino Starter KitSpecificationsQuantity
Arduino UNO R31
Breadboard830 Point, Solderless1
Stepping Motor Driver Board1
RFIDRC522 Module1
RFID Proximity ID Round Tag1
RFID Proximity ID Card Tag1
LED ModuleRGB Tri-color1
Joystick Module1
Relay Module5 Volt1
LCD Module16X21
Microphone Sound Sensor Module1
Water Sensor ModuleHigh Sensitivity1
Matrix Keyboard Buttons Module4X41
Real Time Clock ModuleRTC DS13021
Digital Temperature Humidity Sensor ModuleDHT111
Stepping Motor 1
Tower Pro Micro Servo 9g1
BuzzerActive & Passive1 Each
Shift Register9 Bit, 74HC59 Model
Potentiometer 1
Light Sensor3
Yellow Push Bottons4
5 Each
Flame Sensor1
Infrared Receiver1
Tilt Sensors / Switches2
Temperature SensorLM351
USB Cable1
Jumper Wires30
Dupont Cable10 way 20cm1
Remote ControlIR Based1
Button Cap4
Dot Matrix LED Display4X41
8 Segment Display1 Digit1
8 Segment Display4 Digit1
40 Pin Header2.54mm, Straight1
Storage Box1
Resistor220 Ohm - 8
330 Ohm - 8
1KOhm - 10
10KOhm - 10


For the price of the kit, you get a great collection of parts along with a CD that is filled with tutorials that are apt for beginners as well as advanced learners. All the tutorials provide source codes and circuit diagrams.

“If you are looking out for a starter kit with RFID based components and a genuine Arduino board, the Longruner starter kit is the best product to buy out. Economic & worthy!!”

#7. Kuman Arduino Complete Starter Kit with Detailed Tutorial

kuman for Arduino Project Complete Starter Kit with Detailed Tutorial
Kuman for Arduino Project Complete Starter Kit – Buy from Amazon

Though the Kuman Arduino kit has a custom Arduino board that is compatible with Arduino Uno, it’s the only one among the lot to have all the desired components in one package. With a total of 44 types of components and additional items like power supply module, servo motor, DC motor, DC prototype expansion board and more, this kit is one of the best sellers in it’s category.

Inside Kuman Starter Kit

Kuman Arduino Starter KitSpecificationsQuantity
Kuman Development BoardArduino UNO R31
USB Cable1
Prototype Extension Board1
Mini Breadboard1
Stepper Motor5Volt1
Stepper motor driver boardULN20031
RGB - 1
5 Each
Vibration Sensor2
Flame Sensor1
Temperature SensorLM351
Infrared Receiver1
Key Cap4
Key Switch 4
Passive BuzzerPiezo Buzzer1
Active BuzzerTone Generator1
Jumper Cap1
Remote Control1
LCD Screen16X21
Breadboard Module1
Ultrasonic SensorHC-SR041
Component Box1
Dupont Line10 Pin
Breadboard Line30 (Approx.)
Dot Matrix LED Display8X81
Eight Segment Tube1 Digit1
Eight Segment Tube4 Digit1
8 Pin Shift RegisterIC 74HC5951
Battery Holder1
Resistor220 Ohms
330 Ohms
5 Each
Battery 9 Volt1
Pin Header40 Pin1
Thermistor Module
Touch Sensor
CD with Tutorial
Plastic Box


The kit contains tutorials in the form of a CD-ROM. The CD includes eBooks, project circuits, explanation, step-by-step instructions and tried out source codes, all in the form of PDF files. A total of 23 projects are included.

“For reliable components at an affordable price, with a neat tutorial filled with fun and info, Kuman Arduino Starter kit  is the best choice.”

#8. Smraza Starter Kit for Arduino with Tutorials

Smraza Starter Kit for Arduino with Tutorials
Smraza Starter Kit for Arduino with Tutorials – Buy from Amazon

The Smraza Arduino kit includes a custom made Arduino Uno board and comes with around 200 useful electronic components including a large breadboard. The kit includes 35 tutorials in the form of a CD. This CD includes source codes, datasheet of all the components in the kit, and detailed circuit explanation of all the basic and advanced projects.

Inside the Smraza Starter Kit for Arduino

Smraza Uno R3 Starter Kit for ArduinoSpecificationQuantity
Arduino Uno R31
LED Matrix8X81
LCD Module16X2 (with pin header)1
USB Cable1
Breadboard830 Tie Points1
Temperature & Humidity SensorDHT111
Servo MotorSG901
Stepper Motor DriverULN20031
7 Segment Display4 Digit1
Shift RegisterIC 74HC5951
1 Each
H-Bridge Motor DriverL293D1
Rotary Encoder Module1
Joystick Module1
Relay5 Volt1
IR ModuleReceiver1
Tilt Switch1
Prototype Expansion1
Power Supply Module9 Volt, 1 Amp1
PIR Movement SensorHC-SR5011
Ultrasonic Distance Sensor1
DC Motor1
3 Axis AccelerometerADXL3351
Diode Rectifier1N40074
Jumper Wire65
Clock ModuleDS32311
RFID ModuleRC5221
Water Level Sensor1
Sound Sensor Module1
Battery Holder9 Volt1
Fan Motor1
Garden Soil Moisture Sensor1
8 Digit LED DriverMAX72191
TransistorNPN - S8050
PNP - PN2222
5 Each
Ceramic Capacitor22pF
5 Each
Electrolytic Capacitor10UF, 50V
100UF, 50V
2 Each
Resistor10R, 100R, 220R, 330R
1K, 2K, 5.1K, 10K, 100K
10 Each
RGB - 1
5 Each


The kit includes a humidity sensor, LCD module, and more. One drawback is the absence of DC motor, stepper motor and capacitors. A servo motor is provided instead. The 9 Volt 1 Ampere power supply module is an added element that is compatible to both Arduino Uno and Mega 2560.


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